Uncover the mysteries of


When a massive treasure is up for grabs in a new technological Wild West, adventurers from all around the world gather and set off to explore all corners of the Metaverse.


Will you find it in the secrets of AXADIA ?


Hidden in the depth of AXADIA lie exclusive and limited NFTs. But most of all, a treasure will reward your journey: the AXA Shield. Accomplish your quest and become one of the few owners of this exclusive epic NFT granting you power in future Sandbox adventures.


Imbued with strong values and a near-perfect historical protection track record, this shield has proven it can stand the test of time. You will be protected from any challenge that lies ahead.


Each victory counts ! Axadia introduces a brand new experience type on Sandbox: the play-to-give experience.


As soon as the total number of players finishing the game reached 10,000, AXA Atout Coeur will make a donation of 20k SAND to EMMAÜS CONNECT an organization fighting against digital and social exclusion.


Gardens of Babylon

Enter this haven of peace to gain new insights and knowledge on both AXA and the technological Far West of the Metaverse.

With this new experience, AXA implements exclusive gameplay elements showcasing its everlasting commitment to innovate and reassure you in this new world.

But we don’t want to spoil the fun – enter AXADIA and start exploring by yourself!


Explore AXADIA, a unique land filled with new gaming experiences, allowing you to learn about AXA, its values and its achievements through an exciting adventure. AXADIA is also a one-of-a-kind “play to give” experience: with every completion of the main quest by a player, AXA will make a donation to an association.

🏆 Each victory counts ! We're raising SAND to help fighting against digital exclusion and we need your help! If we reach 10K players finishing #AXADIA experience on @TheSandboxGame AXA will donate 20K SAND to @EmmausConnect 💻🤝 🎮 START GIVING : https://www.sandbox.game/en/season/contests/axadia/ #PlayToGive #MetaversForGood